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I proudly call myself a food-lover, dare I say a real foodie? Yes, yes I claim that title proudly!

Having partnered with Zomato as an Influencer and Food Blogger, I have found myself frequenting the many food establishments in the UAE, uploading my images, and rating said eateries on a five star system. Easier said than done, in my humble opinion.

I found that creating a fair rating system on my blog would be the best way to discern between stars and keep my experience on an even playing field. I may not be a judge on Iron Chef, but I aspire to have reasonably mindful judgement with my own personal flair.

Each Restaurant is rated within these 5 Categories: Atmosphere, Cleanliness, Food, Service and Value. They are then given an Overall Rating based on the average stars of the 5 Categories.


This Category is focused on the environment of the restaurant lighting, d├ęcor, overall feeling, music, and ambiance.


This Category is focused on the level of cleanliness of the cutlery, plateware, furniture. and bathrooms.


This Category is focused on the quality of ingredients, flavor profiles, food temperatures, and presentation.


This Category is focused on the speed of service, staff friendliness, staff food and restaurant knowledge, and staff attentiveness. 


This Category is focused on the price of the menu vs quality.

Overall Rating

The Overall Rating is the average number of stars across the 5 Categories.


Additionally, my husband is my regular companion when I visit restaurants, be them for my blog, Zomato or both. His opinion is strongly considered as he both experiences the meal and has a culinary background in both cooking and restaurant management.

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