Ananta Restaurant Debuts New Menu

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Elevated Indian Cuisine in Business Bay

Featured on the main hotel lobby floor, Ananta is a cozy formal dining restaurant featuring elevated Indian cuisine. New chef Sreejith Nair takes detailed consideration to both his flavor profiles and his plating to present a lovely dining experience all palettes can enjoy.

The dining space features floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the hotel's glass enclosed interior greenhouse garden. Look to the left for a glass-enclosed kitchen space where several chefs cook over open flame.

The cutlery silverware is gold-tone plated with tables covered in white linen styled with a red runner detailed in gold design. Tables are set with gold chargers, linen napkins and floating flower centerpiece.

The meal began with two edible menus, sprinkled with a dried spicy pickled mango, a curiously playful beginning. A sweet, fruity and well carbonated sangria was a delightful treat, rimmed with a orange slice that enhanced each sip.

Chef Sreejith Nair visited tableside with an opening street-to-table choud froid: a "medley of hot potato and green pea samousa with cold textures of yogurt". The experience was enhanced by his use of dry ice to create a frozen yogurt experience followed by a presentation of hand-mixing and plating. The experience and the flavors were both delightful, with the dish itself as a warm tradition paired with a cool crunch.

Next, a petite glass espresso cup rimmed in gold was placed on the charger in front of me. It smelled of truffles! The Madras Truffle Coffee was a well presented, bold flavored taste that paired well with the flow of flavors.

The seafood course did not disappoint. The Prawns with Szechuan and Black Pepper was plated as fine dining would expect: two crunchy, well seasoned prawns surrounded by colorful cut peppers and topped with a mesh rice crisp. The flavor profile had a kick, the texture had a crunch and the bite was complete satisfaction.

A quick shot of sweet saffron, milk, cardamom and apple bits was presented in a un-glazed ceramic cup over ice. Don't sell this moment short, because I thoroughly enjoyed the quick sip.

Two succulent pieces of well seasoned tender boneless chicken, glazed in a medium heat with a ripe mango chip. This sauce in absolutely lovely and the presentation is perfection.

The Nimbu Pani Snow began as a refreshing cool moment and finished with a surprising kick of spice. I wasn't prepared and found myself shocked and laughing.

The two dishes I would consider "safe" menu items are the Ananta Classic Ravioli and the Tandoori Chicken, as they both would please a general number of International palettes.

The delicate raviolis are served in a butter sauce with lentles. The texture is a juxtaposition of crunch and smooth textures. This dish is rich without being overwhelmingly filling.

The chicken was well seasoned and perfectly cooked. The sauce was smooth and creamy over the crunchy skin. The accompanying asparagus was plated strategically around the chicken which was another testament to the chef's detail.

The meal was completed with a warm Jamun Strudel accompanied with saffron ice cream. Delicious!

My Dubai Blog RATING

Atmosphere 4/5
Cleanliness 4.5/5
Food 4/5
Service 5/5
Value n/a

Overall Rating 4.5/5

Restaurant Details: 12:30-3p, 7-11p Sunday - Friday | 7-11p Saturday

04 444 1444 | Level 2, The Oberoi Dubai, Al Aamal Street, Business Bay - Dubai

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