Tom Ford Beauty: Wear the SS 2018 Runway

8:35 AM

Have you ever thought to yourself...
Uh! I love that makeup they did on the runway. Where can I buy the products?
My hand is raised... right now. I'm looking around like "anyone else?" That's probably why I LOVE LOVE that Tom Ford released a limited edition makeup line: SS 2018 Runway Color collection.

I had the pleasure of visiting with a MENA regional Tom Ford pro at the Galleries Lafayette at the Dubai Mall last year and had enjoyed a full tutorial on their entire line. Now I can't get enough of the new-release makeup.

This collection has 3 pieces and is rumored to be Limited Release, meaning they probably won't be keeping them in stock once they've sold out. So let's check them out!

SS18 Shade and Illuminate $82  |  SS18 Eye Gloss $36  |  SS18 Shadow Extreme $36

My Review

SS18 Eye Gloss $36To be fair, I haven't had the pleasure of using their eye gloss but in my experience with eye gloss in general, it is quite a stunning editorial look but it's not very day-to-day practical. And not to be funny, but it can be so tacky that it feels funny on the eye and can tend to make the color underneath travel. Don't hate, it's just the truth.

SS18 Shadow Extreme $36 - IF this gives you a high sparkle shine with a dark base pigment, I'm so in. But to be realistic, it's unlikely. This is probably best used with a black/onyx base. Worth it? Up to you folks.

SS18 Shade and Illuminate $82 - I am a personal fan of the shade and illuminate duo from Tom Ford so if this happens to be the right color-tone for you, it may be worth your coin.

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