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A Quick Sushi Bite...

I'm a major proponent of sushi! I love raw, fresh seafood, rice, unique sauce flavors, and eating with chopsticks. As I was previewing La Mer, I noticed most of the restaurants had not yet opened. Luckily, Miyabi was open! Thank goodness. 

The new restaurant had a lovely beach view, was bright and airy, and had exactly what I was looking for. Surprisingly I had never visited a Miyabi before, despite there being four locations in Dubai now.

I enjoyed the sushi rolls, gyoza, and mochi dessert very much. I found their tempura vegetables to be on the bland side, even after dunking them in reduced salt soy sauce. The restaurant had just opened so I could understand why the service and staff food knowledge was a bit lacking.

Overall I found it to be an enjoyable experience and would definitely revisit, or even order takeout, as they have 4 locations now!

My Dubai Blog RATING

Atmosphere 4/5
Cleanliness 5/5
Food 4/5
Service 3.5/5
Value 3.5/5

Overall Rating 4/5
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Catering/Delivery 800 MIYABI  |  IG @miyabi_sushi
Dubai: Sheikh Zayed Road | Media City | Palm Jumeirah | La Mer Jumeirah 1

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