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New Favorite Beauty Tool: Dyson Hair

I blame Jen Atkin for this one...

When the new Dyson Hairdryer came to Dubai, I was shook (ignore I said that). Knowing the Dyson brand, I shouldn't have been surprised, but a hairdryer from the vacuum people? Let's be honest... in my head, I was twisted and confused, trying to view a mini vacuum taking the hair off my head. Call me a blonde but when I saw the photos, I saw a stick with a pink donut on top and couldn't make sense of any of it.

On a Wednesday afternoon, I went to The Dubai Mall and had a moment at the showcase. It was grand and glowing on the first floor near the Sephora. They had several hairdryers displayed at dedicated hair stations where you could experience the machine first-hand.

I stepped up to a nearby podium and confronted my very own donut on a stick. It was light grey, it was already plugged in and it was staring me right in the eye. Could you guess my first thought?

There's a hole in this.

The hilarity of my joke was short-lived as a "shook" moment manifested in real-time. That's right, I picked up the Dyson. Though a beacon of light didn't actually shine down over me, I felt as though I had what I can only describe as a divine beauty awakening. This magical device could be my new best friend... Best Friend.

To say I was initially reticent to purchase this would be an understatement. And yes, to put it bluntly, I blame the price point. But when you factor in the quality, durability, warranty, ease of use... and let's face it: style, you have all the right points to justify 1,499AED.

The Dyson Hair comes in 2 color options and includes all 3 magnetic diffuser heads.

Buy It Here: SEPHORA

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