30+ Upgrade to Your Skincare Game

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30+ Skincare

It's already a difficult reality to embrace that you're over 30. It's quite another to see it on your face. (Insert cry-face emoji). I've never been the type to worry much over skincare, but now that I'm past 30, I have a growing concern that I will present a face to the public that differs greatly from how I feel on the inside. So I decided to take action and put some effort towards making my skin a priority.

First... I googled.

Then... I YouTube'd.

Then... I googled again.

After doing research to the point that made me feel "educated," I concluded that many of my favorite brands could be found at Cult Beauty. [ I have to note that the brand they don't carry that I wish they did is called Drunk Elephant. They have a great reputation, well-sourced active ingredients and consistently positive reviews. ] That said, I found Sunday Riley, Indie Lee and Vintner's Daughter and started adding to cart.

INDIE LEE is a brand I discovered when researching the best reviewed toner. I searched forums, watched a few you tube videos and went to online stores where the brand is sold to see user reviews. What I love: Not tested on animals. They make an effort to use clean products and chemicals. I am specifically a fan of the Toner as it provides the antioxidant CoQ-10 as well as the Hyaluronic Acid.

SUNDAY RILEY is a brand I was familiar with but reticent to test because, let's face it... the price point is higher than what I would consider ideal. Though I understand sourcing quality ingredients can be pricy, I had never used these products so I was purchasing as a test. One day I hope all brands have tester sizes, especially ones with high price points.
That aside, I chose Sunday Riley's Good Genes and C.E.O. for very clear reasons. Good Genes is one of the most well reviewed Lactic Acid Treatments according to consumers, with undeniable results. And C.E.O was the Vitamin C moisturizer pairing (since I couldn't get the Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum).

VINTNER'S DAUGHTER is a discovery that I must thank Stephanie Nicole for. I love her You Tube channel and she stands by this botanical serum product. Why? Because it's an all-in-one serum with 22 quality, active, cold-pressed blended ingredients with no fillers placed in miron glass to maintain efficacy, and was developed by a woman who wanted a healthy oil she could use even when pregnant. Fabulous!
Now, according to Stephanie, it takes the place of 4 routine steps, which is helpful for those who don't like to take so much time on their skincare routine.
1 Clarifying and Toning Oil
2 Plant-Based Cell Renewal, Detoxifying and Brightening Oil (like Caudalie VineActive Detox Oil)
3 Anti-Oxidant Spray
4 Brightening Cream  (like Sunday Riley's Tidal )

Here's Stephanie's review of several amazing serums and compares the efficacy and ingredients to Vintner's Daughter. It's definitely worth the watch:

MISSING... I typically like to use 2 different cleansers. I like one to remove my makeup and one to clean off that first step. My skin feels cleaner with a 2-step cleansing and since I'm a makeup artist, when I put on a full face, I'm not playing around. The layers are real! Since the product was sold out on Cult Beauty when I initially ordered, I didn't have a chance to grab Emma Hardie's Moringa Cleansing Balm. When the product is back in stock, it will be my first "add to cart".

WHY CULT BEAUTY? Because I live in Dubai, there are many brands that have not reached MENA. Cult Beauty is an online store in the UK that delivers to me in Dubai in 4 days or less via DHL. They have fabulous customer service and I can't ask for more from them. One day we will have a reliable skincare beauty store here in MENA with a plethora of well-sourced ethical brands... but until then, I will rely on Cult Beauty for my favorite skincare.

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