Walnut Grove at City Walk 2

3:20 PM

Simple. Clean.


The shopping and eateries at Dubai's City Walk 2 have been opening, one after the other, in the quickest of manners as 2017 begins. It seems as if each time I visit there is a new shoppe and a new spot to grab a bite. Tonight I ventured over to grab some new goodies at the opening of the new Urban Decay and found myself seated at a lovely rose golden restaurant.

Flipping through the menu before sitting, as I tend to do, I found a very condensed menu that I surprisingly didn't also find limiting. I've always thought boutique menus could focus the tastes, manage the kitchen and provide quick, fresh, and yummy plates and this place is a prime example of that concept done well.

Upon sitting, my family and I were quite sure of our choices (another bonus of a short menu). We found the plating to be lovely and the food quality to be light and clean. 

Enjoy these photos!

CITY WALK - Phase 2  |  @WalnutGroveDubai  |  WalnutGrove.ae
043444441  |  Open Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner 

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