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What is a Dream Closet?

It's a lovely concept to behold: a Dream Closet. It takes the mind to a place of wonder and gives permission to think with grandeur (word of the day).

The first time I ever realized a closet could be designed with the attention to detail of an artist was when I visited my first Tom Ford flagship store...

Excuse me! This man is out of this world. Granted, I have a bit of a masculine esthetic when it comes to design (as far as lines and colors are concerned), so when I stepped into the store, I thought I was going to fall into the pile of the carpet and do "snow angels" with joy. And I could imagine, if I bought one of those pairs of heels, they would have gladly welcomed me to. I'm rather sure I spent far too much time running my fingers over every surface I could (yes, including that carpet) but I found no shame in it, and thankfully, no one working there showed they did either.

Today I permit myself to dream... of an extraordinary environment... so I searched for inspiration and found this incredible video from LA Closet Design's YouTube (check the video below). Lisa Adams is a Luxury Closet Designer who designs closets for high-end homes. I have to admit, there's a lot that goes into closets than I ever knew!

After watching a few episodes and a few more "tips and tricks" videos, I think I have a good idea of what I would want. Please  indulge in some amazing inspiration photos!

Dream Closets with Stairs

I don't know why stairs in a closet is so incredibly fascinating to me, but I couldn't help sharing some of these amazing closets with stairs!

My Favorites

#1 See Through It All

What a closet! I love the seating spot, the beautiful white marble floors and all that space, though I would love to see some solid door fronts as opposed to all that exposing glass. I'm also not the biggest fan of the chandelier design, but to each his own. I seems like this was designed with a lot of mirrors in mind, which, when I've researched, is only necessary for a smaller space. Could this be your favorite?

#2 Drama, Drama.

This closet is so dramatic, if only it had a bit more natural light, it would be perfect! This closet makes me feel like I'm in a Louis Vuitton, no? The dark flooring contrasts all the lovely ivory closet finishes and the lighting is modern and fitting. Can we just take a minute for that ceiling?! What detail! This is arguably my favorite... and I'll take that Celine bag as well.

#3 Kardashians (of course)

Love these ladies or hate them, they have a lot of style when it comes to interior design (thank your mother, ladies). Case and Point: Khloe Kardashian's massive closet. Though I'm not necessarily a fan of all that carpet, I love the entire design concept, faux textured ceilings, designer lighting and all that natural light! Plus, she looks so good standing in it (lol).

What is your Dream Closet?

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