The One - Dubai's Furniture Fusion

11:24 PM

Street 4b, Junction 3, Sheik Zayed Road Al Quoz 1, Dubai

Coming from The States, I had an opportunity to design my home from scratch. I knew I found the right store when I felt so comfortable there, I didn't want to leave. The moment I pushed open the heavy wood door of The One Fusion...

The ambiance was dark but far from dreary. The pieces were rich, choice textures, weathered woods, beaten metals, glass, stone and several mirror surfaces, all of which, are just my style. And design fusion, you bet!

Each inspiration room is designed from top to bottom, from the wall paint and light fixtures down to the carpet choices and accessories. There are so many different design styles in one space all complementing each other. It's amazing. It's The One.

The One Fusion has a petite cafe experience where you can sip a lovely latte or enjoy a sweet.

The ONE Fusion   |   600 541 007   |

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