MOSCHINO Goes Geek-Cool

11:23 AM

One of Fashion's eccentric pop-brands is Moschino. Colorful? Yes. Bold? Of course. And yes, even inspired by traffic cones and caution tape. If you haven't had the pleasure of witnessing this Italian fashion house walk down a runway, you're missing out! For some it may seem childish and confusing but frankly, no one cares! Fashion = Playful.

With the rise of Geek-Chic, Moschino licensed Nintendo and Cartoon Network likenesses to bring Super Mario Brothers and the PowerPuff Girls into Spring Fashion and I am totally on board!

Check out my top favorites...

Super Moschino Backpack

One Piece Blue "POW" Swimsuit

Yellow Sleeveless Knit Short Dress

Short sleeve print jersey Super Moschino t-shirt

Dark Blue iPhone Case

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