Fell In Love with a Body Scrub

1:46 AM

Instagram trends are constantly bombarding my Explore page and trust me, I've been tempted one too many times to order one of those weight loss teas but that's beside the point.

Body scrubs aren't a new concept and I've enjoyed my fair share of sugar scrub experiments but when I noticed that scrubs had turned to coffee, I was thrilled at the concept.

I should mention that I am not a coffee drinker but the scent in the morning can actually make the room seem brighter so it was only natural for me to consider the shower possibilities, right?

I chose Frank Body because, frankly (get it?) I loved their marketing. I loved the before and after photos and everyone seemed so darn happy covered in, what looked like, dirt.

The ordering process was simple enough, as they are a company focused on specific beauty products, what you're looking for is easy to find on their website. ( When I first ordered, they only had 5 products. Now, I believe, they've increased to 9. You won't get lost. ) Thrilled to realize the company was located in Australia, I waited patiently for my International package to arrive.

I can't recall receiving a delivery has ever made me rush to the shower so quickly. I ripped open the natural-looking packaging and was not surprised to find it was indeed a "bag of coffee". The scent... the texture... the coffee. I ordered the original but I have since ordered the "cacao" and the "peppermint" and I have decided that the "cacao" is indeed my favorite.

Upon application I discovered two very important points...

1. It's not just coffee. Yes, it looks that way and smells that way but there are definitely more ingredients working their magic and once all the product has washed away, what is left is a delightfully smooth and moisturized surface that demands to be touched. Trust me, you'll love your skin.

2. The mess is real. I know that it looks like fun and sure, if you were four years old, you wouldn't consider the aftermath of "playtime" but once you've scrubbed your skin clean, there is a bit of work to be done. I recommend taking 30 seconds and cleaning up while you're still in the shower.

My final words: Frank Body Coffee Scrub is my new favorite addition to my shower. I use it once a week and before I plan to go out for a night on the town. I order a few packs at a time as I'm not a fan of running out if I need it, though it lasts far longer than I thought.

You can order Frank Body Coffee Body Scrub HERE.

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