Itsu Sushi

10:35 PM

It seems like the "eater's" fantasy: an all-you-can-eat rotating sushi haven. Yes, what dreams are made of, but wait... has it truly become reality?

Dubai has fulfilled it's promise: a desert majesty where anything you dream of can come true, and now, sushi!

You sit where you wish around a rotating belt of sushi and sashimi bites, almost like you've stepped up to a bar and instead of a bartender, you have all the drinks on the menu rotating for your convenience and enjoyment. Whaaaaaat?

I decided it was best to sit and watch but I soon realized that I was a bigger fan of having a few options in front of me at a time. Classy? Not exactly but it suited me.

After watching the plates stack up, constructing my own personal burj-of-accomplishment, I realized how quickly a little sushi could go a long way. I did get to try every piece I wanted, and discovered my favorites were enjoyed repetitively. No shame there...

The check was paid with a sense of pride, as if to conclude this epic journey with my AED 98.  Dubai Marina Walk - Dubai Marina

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