I Fly Emirates

9:16 PM

I wouldn't have predicted I would be selective when choosing airliners. To be honest, I'm more of a "best deal" type of flyer. And, while I'm being honest, I should note that I was quite confident most airliners were rather similar when it came to the general flight experience. I was wrong, very wrong.

I've flown American, Southwest, Delta, Air Tran, Air France, Jet Blue and United. Other than what they permit as "checked luggage", general flight experience seemed to be pretty similar: in-flight snack and beverages, comfortable sitting room for anyone under 150lbs and 5'5" and pillow and/or blanket if you've upgraded. Rather basic stuff, no surprise. 

Ladies and Gents, may I introduce you to luxury in every class: Emirates. I dreamt of this experience when I saw Sex In The City 2. The characters in the movie flew first class in their own pods to Abu Dhabi, the capital emirate of the UAE. It seemed fake, like Hollywood magic. There is no possible way you can fly in VIP pods with automatic door closures and a private first class bar on a commercial flight. Not only is that the exact experience Emirates provides, coach class is not that far off. Granted there are no pods or fully reclining seats, but the ceiling glows like a starry-filled night sky, you get two meals, snacks and private TVs with ICE (Information, Communication and Entertainment) and wifi.

Let's just say, from now on, I Fly Emirates.

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