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7:22 AM

When traveling Internationally, it's common to wonder what the value of your currency holds in other countries. Ah, the majesty of the fluctuation in International currency trading! Not everyone's cup-of-tea for sure. Thankfully, the dirham is pegged to the US dollar. Woops, did I lose you? When one country's currency is pinned to another, it means that it is a fixed trade rate. How does this affect you? Well, if you happen to get paid in US dollars, you don't have to get an ap on your phone just to know the daily value of your money.

The AED dirham is fixed at 3.6725 to 1 USD.

  • AED dirham bills (notes) come in denominations of: 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, and 1,000.
  • AED coins come in denominations of: 25, 50 and 1 dirham.
  • The AED dirham has been pegged to the US dollar since 1997.
Mental Math
I use a very inaccurate mental math solution by multiplying the price by 4 and subtracting a little. If you're math skills exceed the "guess-o-meter" I just poorly detailed, a more accurate value would be achieved by multiplying by 4 then subtracting half of the initial price. That will give you 3.5, which will get you pretty close to the 3.6725.
I found buying things to be good mental exercise, so make it fun!

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