Catch Dubai

9:29 PM

May I open with saying that it was my upmost pleasure to have the opportunity to dine at the new Catch New York in Dubai during it's pre-launch friends and family soft open.

Let's begin with stating that I have never had the opportunity to eat at the New York restaurant but I would assume the dining experience is equally excellent.

I would consider the ambiance curiously eclectic, from the bold geometric tile and warm-wood flooring to the overtly masculine seating, daring metal fan installation behind the bar and exposed vintage lighting. I assumed it was a NYC trend they brought to Dubai, or perhaps someone just put every design element they've every wanted into one room. Either way, I wasn't complaining. It worked and it kept my eye curious. Despite that curiosity, it was surprisingly romantic.

We were a group of 10 seated around a substantial, rustic wooden table. We had no idea what was to come as we let the sous-chef choose our menu. Perhaps it was the anticipation that made every course additionally thrilling but nevertheless, the table sounded in awe at every platter. From a proper amuse bouche to an assortment of sushi and seafood appetizers to a bevy of lamb, beef and fish entrees, we couldn't recall enjoying better flavors. In plain terms, soooooo good and highly recomended!

The Catch, Dubai. Fairmont Dubai. Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Center 1, Dubai, UAE

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